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How long can a panda live

how long can a panda live

Pandas in captivity live substantially longer, with Chinese scientists reporting zoo pandas as old as How long does a baby red panda stay with it's mother?. This doesn't mean pandas can 't live on smaller patches, just that they wouldn't survive over a long period of time. And even though this minimal. Giant pandas can live up to 30 years in captivity, but usually only 15 to 20 years in Do you want to know how old pandas live to? 3-month old panda babies.

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Male pandas, like many other mammals but not humans have a baculum, a bony rod in the soft tissue of the penis. Do you want to know how giant pandas grow up , and their characteristics at different life stages? Jiajin, Miyaluo Resort, Mt. Enter Yes if you accept the terms and conditions. The new born panda doesn't move from the den in the first two months. For many years, scientists had wondered whether pandas were a type of bear, raccoon or something else. how long can a panda live


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